An Update From Sun Valley

Just before Santa arrived, Sun Valley was barraged with a series of storms which lasted throughout the holidays. Christmas revelers were treated to an amazing week of fresh powder and it has kept coming. With a season total of over 8 feet of snow Baldy is a skier's paradise!


Prescription Goggle Inserts for the Mountain by Bollé

Are you battling fogging issues on the mountain or tired of those clunky, oversized OTG (Over-The-Glass) goggles on the market? If so, you're not alone. Many skiers and snowboarders alike deal with these eyewear disasters everyday. If you're one of them, this prescriptionable insert that fits virtually all goggles may be just the solution for you. You won't be battling the fogging issue nor the oversized goggles with this uniquely designed insert that is easily transferred from one goggle to the other. It also makes an excellent Christmas gift for any skier or snowboarder. For more information please stop by, call, or email us. We are here to help with ALL your eyewear needs!


It's Snowing in Sun Valley!



Get ready, there is lots and lots of snow here in Sun Valley! Bald Mountain received a total of 8" in the past 24 hours and it's still coming down! It's a skiers paradise and we are so excited to share this news with all of our Armstrong-Root followers. Ketchum is now a cheerful winter wonderland with all the new snow and beautiful Christmas lights. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and we hope to see you all very soon! 


Thom Browne Runway Pre-resort 2015



Blooms are a perennial spring favorite, and the latest riffs possess head-turning graphic appeal. This season's new look marries uptown chic with downtown cool - think effortless elegance and unstudied refinement. Add this unexpected silver mirrored aviator by Thom Browne to any outfit to keep your fashion game in top form! 


Barton Perreira 


The future has always been bright for Los Angeles-based eyewear company Barton Perreira. The company was launched in 2007 by a triple threat of a team: Bill Barton as CEO, Patty Perreira designing the specs, and Tim Cadiente as president. Ever since, Barton Perreira has been making some of the most in-demand shades on the market - Perhaps you've seen them on the faces of celebs like Brad Pitt, Giovanni Riibisi, and Chloe Sevigny? - using chtting-edge materials and unsurpassed technical precision, Barton Perreira has been a huge hit! Come check out the collection at Armstrong~Root Opticians!


New-Old Japanese Eyewear You Will Want: Masunaga 

Looking for that great new pair of fabulous frames that has a minimalist but fashionable look? Look no further! Masunaga glasses are known for their details. They are made with the finest materials including silver accents and “polished Japanese acetate” bases. They have a modern and classic feel to them as their frames are simple: their nuances come in their coloring and in the details. A lot of them have a sexy, discrete two-tone, shifting from one color to another or out of one pattern and into another. While we’ve seen glasses in this fashion that ended up looking a bit silly. These are in no way silly: they are very much elevated to a sophisticated and desirable level likely because their frame bases are so simple. Come into Armstrong-Root Opticians to check out our Masunaga collectioin of unique, high quality frames in both sunglasses and opthalmic options!