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Eye Examinations - Staff

Laurrine McGowan, ABOC
Dr. Matthew Kent, OD, PA
Marianna Springs, ABOC, NCLE
Katrina Boelsma, ABOC
Tamar Yacoubian


Monday - Saturday
10am to 6pm

Sunday (Seasonal)
12pm to 5pm 



Chanel Trunk Show


Please join us for a Chanel Eyewear and Sunglasses Trunk Show on Thursday, February 4th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm!




Limitations of School Vision Screening Programs

According to the American Optometric Association, while school vision screenings can uncover some individuals with vision problems, they can miss more than they find. In some cases, vision screening may actually serve as an unnecessary barrier to an early diagnosis of vision problems. They can create a false sense of security for those individuals who "pass" the screening, but who actually have a vision problem, thereby delaying further examination and treatment. Call us today to schedule your child's comprehensive eye examination.



Introducing Avenova

It is estimated that 23 million Americans chronically suffer from inflammation of the eyelids, known as blepharitis, and another 13 million struggle with the debilitating condition of meibomian gland dysfunction (“MGD”).

For Daily Lid and Lash Hygiene.



Avenova, a new dimension in lid and lash hygiene, is specifically designed for patients with blepharitis, MGD, and chronic dry eye. Avenova functions by clearing debris and microorganisms from eyelids and eyelashes, as well as reducing inflammation.


Are Your Prescription Goggles Ready? 


Baldy is just beautiful and we have lots more snow on the way! If you don't already have your prescription goggles give us a call or stop by so we can get you set up with one of our handy inserts.



Retinal Imaging at Armstrong-Root



Saving your sight is our priority. Our goal is to reduce preventable blindness by means of early detection of sight-threatening diseases.
 This retinal imaging technology enables large-scale screening programs that make early detection easy. Schedule your yearly eye exam today.


Armstrong-Root Welcomes Dior

10/24/2015 Letter from Christian Dior, Italy: "Congratulations! Approved from Italy! You were given rave reviews and the comment received was... 'This is where Dior should be sold.'"