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The Perfect Pair: A Co-Ed Affair

  Here's one for the boys...The perfect pair this week for any male (or super cool female) is Porsche Design's P'8466 C and Porsche Design's Vintage Orfina Black Steel Chronograph Watch. The best of the best in sport frames, Porsche Design offers this full stainless steel frame in matte black with an olive lens and silver mirror. Not only is this frame durable and lightweight, it also looks hot no matter what you wear it with. Unlike most sport frames, you can pair this sunglass with something other than sweats and still look fashionable. Likewise, thirty years after it's inception, Porsche Design's timeless chronograph looks just as cool with gym shorts and a t-shirt as it does dressed up with a suit. Sporting this combination, the ladies on the trail won't be able to stop themselves from taking a second look.   


Porsche Design P'8466 C (and other colors) available at Armstrong-Root Opticians $420.

Porsche Design Original Orfina Black Steel Chronograph Watch designed by F.A. Porsche is available for purchase through Armstrong-Root Opticians (call for pricing).


Tom Ford: The Change-Up


We always talked about how fabulous Tom Ford's Nikita would look with clear lenses, but we didn't know it would look this good. We love Tom Ford's new ad campaign and how he gives new life to his frames with just the pop of a sun lens. As a sun or optical, the Nikita is hot and the model looks awesome with her red lips, matching nails and killer dress - do you think you could pull off this look?


Tom Ford, Nikita available as a sun or optical frame at Armstrong-Root Opticians.


The Perfect Pair: Cartier and Proenza Schouler


Cartier and Proenza Schouler offer instant staples for every woman's wardrobe. Cartier's Santos de Cartier aviator in gold with gorgeous wood temples paired with Proenza Schouler's instant hit, the PS1, is a perfect pair that will take you from the resort this winter to the city streets this summer. Cartier's Santos de Cartier, originally created for pioneer aviator, Santos Dumont, has the perfect amount of "Cartier" touch without overdoing it; casual or dressy you will always be set. A little Cartier is complimented by Proenza Schouler's perfect cream creation, the PS1, which is both beautiful and functional; with a top handle, removable shoulder strap, and several pockets to keep your new aviator handy, it's bound to become your new go-to bag.


Cartier, Santos de Cartier aviator sunglasses in gold with wood temples. Available through Armstrong-Root Opticians $1,690.

Proenza Schouler Large Leather PS1 available at Barney's New York and Bergdorf Goodman $1,995.


Get the Look: Barton Perreira Does Sophia Loren

When it comes to sex appeal, Sophia Loren is the ultimate. Even the nicest girls around wouldn't balk at a comparison to the one and only, Sophia. Channel her timeless and sexy look above with Barton Perreira's gorgeous Sexton frame. While we all aren't blessed with cheekbones (along with other assets) like those that are so famously "Sophia", the slight cat shape of Barton Perreira's frame gives any girl an uplift that is both flirty and sophisticated. The glossy black Sexton, pictured above, looks fabulous with an optical or sun lens and is obviously timeless. The Sexton is so close to Sophia's that we wonder if Patty Perreira had this iconic image in her mind as inspiration when she crafted this beautiful frame...and if she did, we can't blame her.


Barton Perreira, Sexton in Black (and several other colors) available at Armstrong-Root Opticians $325.


Frame of the Week: Face a Face Kazan 1


As optical geeks, we can't just give shout outs to sunglasses. Some of the most beautiful frames available are of the ophthalmic variety, and Face a Face's new Kazan 1 is no exception. From the gold detail at the hinge, to the perfect red that flirts from the inside out, and the gorgeous tortoise temple contrasting with the dark black face front, we are officially in love. Face a Face is ahead of the curve, with zyl frames trending toward the thinner, you can still get the chic oversized look with a frame and style that will take you further than next New Year's Eve. The elegant and classic feel of this week's favorite frame is somehow simultaneously super fresh and contemporary. What can we say, when it comes to fashion and frames, the French sure know how to do it.


Face a Face, Kazan 1 col. 759 52-17 (and several other colors) available at Armstrong-Root Opticians $429.


Helmets and Goggles and Glasses...Oh my!

Ski season is in full swing and every skier knows that fashion and function don't end with your favorite shades. When you hit the slopes you want to be fully protected from those little falls, the strong winds and the glare from that fresh powder - all while looking great. Fashion and function meet with Bogner and Indigo's helmets and goggles. Not only will you be fully protected from all of the mountain's stressors, you will also look fantastic while gracefully dusting off your gear after a tumble or while sipping hot chocolate at the lodge. With only a few retailers in the US, you can finally complement your favorite parka with matching Bogner gear.

Also, forget wearing your goggles over your glasses and indulge in a prescription insert for your new goggles - universal prescription inserts allow you to ski with less fog, better visability, and more comfort. It's always fashionable to be safe on the mountain - protect yourself and look good while doing it.

Bogner and Indigo helmets, goggles, and sport glasses. Available at Armstrong-Root Opticians - $285-850.