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Overheard on Sun Valley Road: Scoop From Your Ski Town


Sun Valley Luxury Lodging: Opening June 15, 2015!


The historic lodge, originally built in 1936 as America's first destination ski resort, will now feature larger guest rooms, luxury amenities, and a full service spa.




17th Annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Come and join us for the unique four-day festival honoring the history, heritage and cultures of sheepherding in Idaho and the west.  Includes a full-day Sheep Folklife Fair, a Fiber Festival, dancers, musicians, folk and traditional art, storytelling and culinary events featuring chefs, restaurants and American Lamb.  The event also includes workshops on fiber, cooking with lamb, photography, history, culture and a variety of other events.   There is a two-day National Qualifying Sheepdog Trial in conjunction with the Festival.  There are exhibits, storytelling, hikes and the Big Sheep Parade with 1,500 sheep strutting lively down Main Street, Ketchum, Idaho. 


Sun Valley Harvest Festival September 19-22

Now in its fourth year, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival has become the signature food and wine event of the region. Focused on quality and how to incorporate it into your kitchen and lifestyle, the weekend offers attendees an opportunity to learn culinary secrets from the country’s top chefs, taste agricultural wonders from Idaho and the Northwest, savor wines, beers and spirits, and learn from nationally recognized food and health experts.


Visit Sun Valley - New Direct Flights from San Francisco!

We are happy to announce that there is now a direct flight from San Francisco to Sun Valley! A quick and easy way to escape the City by the Bay and find yourself surrounded by the beautiful mountains of this area. So get ready to swap out your knits for a cozy down jacket, because winter in Sun Valley is just around the corner!


Sun Valley Wellness Festival  

           May 23 – 27, 2013

Spring is a time for new beginnings and there is no better place to rejuvenate your body, mind and  spirit than in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Sun Valley Wellness Festival is known as one of the premier festivals of its kind. It brings in a number of the top wellness speakers from around the country. There will be over thirty presentations and workshops addressing a variety of modalities of mind, body, spirit and environmental health.  With the mission to “inspire positive change” all of us at Armstrong-Root Opticians would like to welcome you to join in for 5 days of motivation, education and healing that will enrich your life. To learn more about the Sun Valley Wellness festival please visit the following link: